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This is one of the energy sources that have been in use for a very long time and for centuries. It was used in powering sailing ships, which made it possible for explorers to sail around their trade routes in distant lands.

‘Geo’ means Earth and ‘thermal’ means energy. Geothermal energy means energy drawn or harnessed from beneath the earth.



Commercial Solar Power Systems

  • Many companies are setting environmental goals in an effort to be good corporate citizens. Installing a commercial solar power system is an excellent way to fulfill corporate environmental goals and while benefiting from fixed electrical operating costs.

    Financing, a Renewable Energy Electric Rebate and Tax Credits, plus the tax benefit of Accelerated Depreciation can cover up to 40% of the Commercial Solar Power System Cost!

    For commercial solar power systems:

    • Businesses can take advantage of the tax benefit of accelerated depreciation.
    • Positive cash flow can be obtained on most commercial solar power system installations as early as the first year after installation.
    • Here’s the Solar Installation Process:
      Step 1 – Free Solar Consultation
      We will conduct a free site visit to your facility to assess available space for solar and analyze your energy usage. We will use this information to create a custom proposal.
      Step 2 – Solar Proposal and Financing
      We will propose a solar system based on energy usage and available space to maximize the value of solar to your company. In the proposal, we will determine the cost of the system, how the system will be paid for, and the return on investment.
      Step 3 – System Design and Permits
      As a turn-key solar service provider, Renewable Energy Electric takes care of everything for you.
      All system designs comply with the provision contained the local rules and regulations. Upon review, modification, and approval of your system design, all construction permits will be obtained and renewable equipment will be ordered, and one of our Energy Project Managers will be assigned to your project.
      Step 4 – System Installation
      Upon arrival of the solar panels and parts, our professional crew will begin installing your photovoltaic solar system. Our crews arrive each day and work in a respectful and courteous manner. They will leave the site clean each evening.
      A typical installation will take 5-7 days depending on size and complexity.
      Step 5 – System Maintenance and Warranty
      Upon completion of your solar system, you will receive a “Warranty Package” that consists of system drawings, warranty information, self-maintenance instructions, product specifications, and instructions on how to inspect your solar system for optimal energy generation.
      You’re never alone. EnerTech Alternative Energy Solutions Inc. will be available to support your system’s ongoing operation, address post installation concerns, and help analyze your system’s performance throughout the warranty period.