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With all traditional energy sources (coal, natural gas, and nuclear) there are three steps to provide power to our home: generation, transmission, and distribution. Each of these results in additional expense that increases the cost of traditional methods for supplying energy.

Modern solar allows you to generate your own clean energy instead of paying for traditional electricity. Clean energy at a low cost, conserving our planet’s natural resources and saving our customers money on their energy bills.

Secure lower energy rates

Think of Solar as a financial product. With UNISUN Solar you get all of the financial returns without having to pay any out of pocket expenses. Most customers save an average of 30% on their monthly energy bill.

Protect yourself from unpredictable rate hikes. Utility costs tend to rise ever year, but UNISUN lets you secure lower, predictable solar energy rates that are guaranteed for 20+ years.

With our UNISUN PPA plan you get:

No Upfront Costs
You won’t pay anything for panels, permits or installation.

Worry-Free Agreement
We maintain ownership of the solar panels while you simply pay us a much lower rate for the power they produce.

Guaranteed Rates
A per-established rate provides reliable, low-cost power. That means you always know what the rate will be. No surprises.

Choice of Plan

We provide three different solar plans to ensure the best fit for your needs with our exclusive financing program, which can make solar energy an even more affordable investment.

Increase the value of your home

Modern solar panels are a good investment for any home our business. Homes with solar panels have a significantly higher resale value than similar homes without solar, and modern solar panels are attractive and much more efficient that panels of the past.

Another huge advantage of Solar for many is that it provides energy in isolated areas, which means self-reliant societies. Power prices and the cost of installing power lines are often exorbitantly high in these places and many have frequent power-cuts. That’s not the case with Unisun Solar.

Get a customized solar quote

The moment you contact us. Our team will take care of everything. Once scheduled, your solar power system installation can take as little as one day.

Our team will put together a custom solar quote based on your home’s architecture and energy needs. It will include all of your options and project your energy savings for years to come. We’ll walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

The switch to solar is an investment in sustainable, renewable energy. Why not choose a cheaper source of energy, that’s also environmentally friendly?