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Other Energy

This is one of the energy sources that have been in use for a very long time and for centuries. It was used in powering sailing ships, which made it possible for explorers to sail around their trade routes in distant lands.

‘Geo’ means Earth and ‘thermal’ means energy. Geothermal energy means energy drawn or harnessed from beneath the earth.



Solar Street Lights (LED)

  • Reliable, economical and low-impact solar LED lighting systems from Unisun Solar are implemented along roadways and streets around the world. Our high-quality, cost-effective lighting improves saftey and enhances community life in locations where reliable light soures do not exist.

    Project and Service Focuses

    Our competencies are reflected in the consulting services from highly qualified staff, engineers and technicians and in the comprehensive support from your contact in the sales department. Our customers benefit from our extensive, manufacturer-independent product portfolio, expert technical staff, our customer-focused quality assurance. EnerTech Solar has outstanding knowledge in the areas of system planning, PV installation and calculating yields in the area of photovoltaic's throughout Pakistan and on an international scale.

    You’re never alone. EnerTech Alternative Energy Solutions Inc. will be available to support your system’s ongoing operation, address post installation concerns, and help analyze your system’s performance throughout the warranty period.