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EnerTech solar energy services provider that delivers proven long-term savings. EnerTech is a different kind of solar energy provider. We also sell photovoltaic equipment. We deliver fully managed solar energy services.

Our customers get the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. What they don?t get is the hassle and expense of financing, constructing, owning and servicing their own photovoltaic solar energy systems. 

Solar Panel Domestic Energy Solution in Pakistan.Our products are PV panels,Solar Geysers,Lanterns,Lighting solutions,street lights,water pumps & fencing system.Our aim is to provide premium and premier range of products catering to all the needs of our domestic customers in Pakistan.



DC Solar Pumping System supplied by EnerTech can be applied to daily use (ground water), agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, wastewater treatment engineering, and so on. Our” Solar water pump System is dispensed with energy storing devices, and stores water instead of electricity. It improves the reliability of the device, at the same time, it lowers the construction and maintenance costs of the irrigation system dramatically.

In recent years, with the promotion of the utilization of new energy resources, Solar Pumping System is more and more used in municipal engineering, city center squares, parks, tourist sites, resorts and hotels, the landscapes and fountain irrigation systems in the residential areas.

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EnerTech offer solar panels power in Pakistan to generate and supply electricity for commercial and residential or home applications solar panels.Solar panels are at the heart of every system we sell. They convert the sun’s light energy into electrical energy that is stored in batteries or provided directly to your appliances. But the panel is not the only item you need to run your lights, fans or appliances.

Batteries are very important resource in solar power system to store all the power. It is used normal car batteries. Normal batteries are cheap and good. Normal car batteries require some maintenance. The thing is you need to do is fill mineral free water or distilled water (Urdu. Taizab) after a period. You have to check the battery after each 6 months or earlier for level of distilled water. Cable connection needs to be clean and tightened. Many battery problems are caused by dirty and loose connections.
Inverters convert DC electricity into AC electricity. Solar panels (and most small wind turbines) produce DC electricity. That electricity is used to charge a battery bank in off-grid systems or sent directly to an grid tie inverter which feeds the electricity directly to the electric grid. We offer some inverters which are capable of both working as an Off-Grid and an On-grid inverter.
The main function of a charge controller or regulator is to protect your battery from overcharge and block a reverse current. If a non-self-regulating solar array is connected to lead acid batteries with no overcharge protection, the life of your batteries will be compromised. Simple controllers contain a transistor that shunt the PV charging circuit, terminating the charge at a pre-set high voltage and, once a pre-set reconnect is reached, opens the shunt, allowing charging to resume.